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About Hotpink

Rapper HotPink wears the hat of both artist and entrepreneur. She is very famous for writing and producing her genre of music. Hotpink began her journey as the youngest female hustler in Atlanta. Reportedly, the rap artist initially developed an interest in music during her elementary school days. She performed as a lead singer in many shows and began to write songs from as early as 9 years in age. All the songs penned by her have been inspired from real situations and life experiences. The artist is known to make music which is conductive to the kind of lifestyle followed by her. Her new music about to release in recent time is titled as ‘ WUMBO ’ .  In an interview, the rapper expressed of learning not to wait for anyone to do anything for her. She believes that if one wants to achieve something, it is up to that individual to take the complete responsibility. There is no point in waiting for someone to get things done, believes the rapper. She believe

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